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PREPARING FOOD: cooking, serving and preparing meals, following special diet.

MARKETING AND ERRANDS (locally): going to the market with a list, or with the client to obtain needed groceries or household supplies requested by the client. Running other local errands for or with the client.

LAUNDRY: client’s sheets, towels and clothing of for the spouse of the client.

MONITORING HOME SAFETY: removing hazards that could cause injury of falls. Checking smoke detectors. Reporting any unsafe conditions to the office.

LIGHT HOUSEKEEPING: includes dusting, vacuuming, making beds, washing dishes, wiping counters or tables after preparing or serving meals, making sure there is no water on the floor after the client’s bath in the bathroom, cleaning up a household area where the client may have had an incontinent episode and any other home cleaning task that prevents accidents and infections.


BATHING: assist client in/out of the shower, bathe, give or assist with sponge or bed bath. Shampoo hair, help wash upper and lower body.

DRESSING: help client pick out and put on and/or take off clothes.

PERSONAL GROOMING: help client brush hair, brush and floss teeth and gums, wash face, care for hands and fingernails, shave, apply cream or lotion to skin, help clean and care for dentures or hearing aids.

MOBILITY: assist client to walk and to use devices such as walker, cane or gait belt, supervise client while walking to prevent falls.

TRANSFERS: from supervising to physically providing assistance to help client move from bed to wheelchair, chair, commode or to a standing position and vice versa.

SKIN CARE: turning a client in bed to prevent skin breakdown, checking for bruising, infections and broken skin, applying lotion to skin.

TOILETING: assisting client to use a bedpan, urinal or bedside commode or toilet. Empty and clean commode basin bedpan or urinal when full. For incontinent clients, change diapers, clean genital and buttocks area when soiled.

SUPERVISE MEDICATION: reminding client to take medication as prescribed by their doctor, or helping client take pre-measured self-administered medications that he or she cannot take unaided due to cognitive or physical disability.

EXERCISES: under the supervision of a home health physical, occupational, or speech therapist, assist client with their prescribed exercises.

DOCUMENTATION: Charting on CG Shift Report the services provided for the client during the shift.

REPORTING ALL CHANGES IN CLIENT’S CONDITION: to agency, client’s responsible party, doctor, hospital, and/ or calling 9-1-1 if he/she needs emergency medical attention.

COMPANIONSHIP: provide conversation, social stimulation, accompany to leisure or other activities in community, and provide company for the client so he/she is not alone.

TRANSPORTATION TO DOCTORS APPOINTMENTS: escort client to a medical appointment via scheduled public or private transportation, or if you have a driver’s license, driving the client in their car or your own to his/her appointments.